How Our Geological and Mining Software Solutions Can Work For You

Discover our innovative and cost-effective mining software solutions for 3D geological modelling, mine planning, design and scheduling, as well as pit or stope optimization.

Our Mining Software Product Summary

GeoMine-GeoModeler is a high performance geological modelling tool for volumetric modelling, geostatistical analysis and 3D visualization. It includes a state-of-the-art surface-based Dynamic Anisotropy Interpolation system to help geologists improve accuracy and reduce uncertainty of their resource estimates. Learn More
GeoMine-FlowPit is an ultra-fast 4D pit optimizer and Life of Mine scheduler. FlowPit’s highly efficient and scalable implementation achieves an order of magnitude speed-up over other competing products. It can handle up to 100 million non-air blocks without use of super-blocking.. Learn More
GeoMine-Stopemizer is a rigorous 3D stope optimizer. Unlike other commercial stope optimizers that are based on Floating Stope heuristics, Stopemizer’s core engine is based on Lerchs-Grossmann’s 3D pit optimization algorithm, but adapted for underground mining. Learn More
GeoMine-QuickPit allows a mine planner to build a complete pit or dump design with ramps in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, its powerful incremental pushback & dump creation tool combined with history-based undo/redo allows the mine planner to evaluate multiple designs and plans in the shortest time possible. Learn More
GeoMine-iScheduler is an advanced activity and resource based 3D production scheduler for open-pit and underground mine scheduling. It features a fully interactive 3D activity and dependency editor, activity and resource Gantt Charts, a PERT chart and a Network Diagram. Learn More
GeoMine-uCAD is a specialized CAD tool for underground mine design. uCAD includes a set of tools that are purposely engineered to boost mine designers’ productivity. With uCAD, creating an underground mine layout is no longer a tedious task as with generic CAD packages.Learn More
GeoMine-Optunimizer is an open-pit to underground transition optimizer. It allows mine planners to determine the optimal transition zone from open-pit to underground mining with the objective of maximizing total NPV of the entire mine.Learn More
GeoMine-CloudMesher a powerful point cloud meshing tool for 3D scanners and UAVs. Several meshing tools are included for creating 3D surfaces or solids that honour the original point clouds and that can be subsequently used as actionable mining objects for downstream design purposes.Learn More
ThreeDify Excel CoreBlock is a creative Microsoft Excel add-in tool that seamlessly integrates with your Excel workflow to increase productivity. CoreBlock includes a 3D drillhole data visualizer and a simplified mineral resource estimator. With CoreBlock, you can communicate results to the prospectors in the most convenient & cost effective way. Learn More