Total Mine Optimization

GeoMine Optunimizer (Optunimizer) is a total mine optimization tool for economic evaluations of mining complexes. Optunimizer consists of two submodules: Optunimizer.TotalMine (to be released soon) and Optumizer.Transitioner (available now). 

Optunimizer.TotalMine is capable of generating optimal strategies for a mine complex that is comprised of multiple mine sites feeding to a single processing plant.  Such an optimal strategy consists of a cutoff grade policy and a combined LOM production schedule for the whole mining complex. Optunimizer.TotalMine depends on some or all of the following GeoMine modules: FlowPit, Stopemizer/Cavemizer, OptimCut.

Optumizer.Transitioner is capable of determining the optimal transition zone for near-surface deposits with considerable vertical extent that has the potential to be mined by a combined method of open-pit and underground mining.  As the open-pit reserve in such a mine gets depleted, it is essential to determine the best cut-over point from open-pit to underground mining. Optumizer.Transitioner depends on two GeoMine modules: FlowPit, Stopemizer or Cavemizer.

Optunimizer has the following key capabilities:

Optunimizer Key Benefits

Optunimizer Feature List

Transparent interface to FlowPit and Stopemize/Cavemizer so that the output of these modules (nested pit designs and stope/cave designs) can be directly used as input to Optunimizer.

Transparent interface to iScheduler-OP and iScheduler-UG so that the output of Optunimizer can be directly used as input to these two modules to generate medium or short term schedules.

Automatic and Manual Dependency generation between nested pits and/or stopes in multiple mine sites

Generates N-best cutoff-grade and production rate strategies (LOM schedules),  each maximizes the NPV of the entire mining complex with optional stockpiles.

Defines the optimum transition zone from open pit to underground mining from the generated nested pits and stope or caving design.

Visual Formula Editor enables users to decide how they want to calculate the dollar values of a block when mined as part of an open-pit and/or as part of an underground mine.

Generates tabulated yearly schedules, graphs and plots

System Requirements: