Rapid Open Pit Mine Design Software

GeoMine QuickPit (QuickPit)is an advanced open pit design software for rapid pit design. QuickPit allows a mine planner to build a complete pit or dump design with ramps in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, its powerful incremental pushback/dump creation tool combined with unlimited undo/redo allows the mine planner to evaluate multiple designs and plans in the shortest time possible. QuickPit stands out from the crowd by offering a greatly simplified workflow that automates the traditional pen-and-paper pit design process using bench toe contours. Further more, it includes a unique reconciliation module for comparing and reconciling practical pit designs with the Lerchs-Grassmann pit or the as-built pit.

QuickPit Key Benefits

  • Quickly designs and edits pits, phases and dumps with push-back and dump increments. Each push-back or dump increment automatically updates the active topography.
  • Creates multiple ramps with multiple access points and easily conduct ramp scenario analysis.
  • Calculates minable reserves and reports statistics.
  • Flexible: Includes a powerful Visual Formula Editor for customization, plus all common surface, solid and block model manipulation tools in the Foundation module of GeoMine.
  • Creates and clips to property line constraints.
  • Creates dump(s) anywhere, including mined-out areas
  • Creates accurate 3D pit surface representation with bench toes and crests
  • Includes a pit reconciliation module that allows for comparison of any pit design with the Lerchs-Grossmann pit.
  • Ability to go back in time to reconstruct any previous pit design at any given point, even after a QuickPit design session is restarted.
  • Allows the pit slope of each increment to vary by sectors and by levels..
  • WYSIWYG contour plots at any time.

create pushback increments by projecting a base contours up or down; allows the pit slope angle of each increment to vary by sectors and by levels.

Create multiple complete or partial in-pit ramps with multiple access points. Quickly conduct cost analysis for alternative ramp configurations.

create dump increments and calculate dump volume.

auto-generate pit designs by margin ranking Gridded Seam Models (for coal or seam type deposits).

sub-module: compare and reconcile any pit design with the Lerchs-Grossman pit or the as-built pit to show the design variance.

generate bench-by-bench reserve report; export a pit design to DXF or CSV format.

System Requirements:

CPU: Quad Core
RAM: 8 Gb

CPU: 3rd Gen i7 or Up
RAM: 16 Gb