Rapid Open Pit Mine Design Software

GeoMine QuickPit (QuickPit) is an advanced open pit design software for rapid pit design. QuickPit allows a mine planner to build a complete pit or dump design with ramps in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, its powerful incremental pushback/dump creation tool combined with unlimited undo/redo allows the mine planner to evaluate multiple designs and plans in the shortest time possible. QuickPit stands out from the crowd by offering a greatly simplified workflow that automates the traditional pen-and-paper pit design process using bench toe contours. Further more, it includes a unique reconciliation module for comparing and reconciling practical pit designs with the Lerchs-Grassmann pit or the as-built pit.

QuickPit Key Features

  • Quickly designs and edits pits, phases and dumps with push-back and dump increments. Each push-back or dump increment automatically updates the active topography.
  • Creates multiple ramps with multiple access points and easily conduct ramp scenario analysis.
  • Calculates minable reserves and reports statistics.
  • Creates and clips to property line constraints.
  • Creates dump(s) anywhere, including mined-out areas
  • Creates accurate 3D pit surface representation with bench toes and crests
  • Includes a pit reconciliation module that allows for comparison of any pit design with the Lerchs-Grossmann pit.
  • Ability to go back in time to reconstruct any previous pit design at any given point, even after a QuickPit design session is restarted.
  • Allows the pit slope of each increment to vary by sectors and by levels..
  • WYSIWYG contour plots at any time.
QuickPit Screenshots
System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
Space: 20 GB
Ram: 4 GB
CPU: Dual core or Quad Core CPU
Additional Requirements: A mid-class video card with a good OpenGL driver, e.g., ATI Radeon 5650 HD or higher. We do NOT recommend NVdia gaming video cards, especially GeForce 400 to 500 series, as they are known to have severely sub-standard OpenGL drivers.