We Empower Our Clients
to Maximize the Economic Potentials
of Their Deposits

Mining Software Company

Based in Ottawa, Canada, ThreeDify (“THREE – DEE – IF – EYE”) Inc. is an innovative mining software company.  At ThreeDify, we are dedicated to developing high-performance software solutions to unlock the economic potential of our client’s projects worldwide.   Our mission is to empower our clients to turn data into insights, respond to project changes quickly, and improve efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

ThreeDify GeoMine is the only all-in-one platform for rapid resource evaluation, reserve optimization, mine planning and simulation.  It is built on deep mining domain knowledge, advanced modeling and optimization techniques, and modern computing technologies to handle big datasets with speed and accuracy for robust “what-if” scenario planning.

ThreeDify is committed to delivering comprehensive tools and quality support for various stages of the mining life cycle, including mineral exploration, deposit evaluation, mine planning and operations.  GeoMine features fully integrated tools for resource modeling and evaluation, infill drilling plan optimization, pit and stope optimizations, strategic and production scheduling, grade control with 3D blast movement modeling, fleet size budgeting, haulage analysis, and simulation tools.

Besides, ThreeDify also creates a variety of lightweight 3D graphing, design mock-up and model viewing tools deployed as 3D add-in software for Microsoft Office Suite – the perfect WOW-factor to any Excel Spreadsheets or PowerPoint Presentations.

A Project Consulting Company

…our clients demand solid reliable results suitable for rolling out the budget forecast and the “what if’’ scenarios… ThreeDify software has given us the competitive edge in doing so

Sarel Blaauw

A Mining Company in Canada

GeoModeler is easy to use, and can handle large amounts of data and run effective block model processing techniques to determine realized mineral assets and potential upside…

Ben Connor
Chief Operations and Data Strategist / Riverside Resources Inc.