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Mining Software Company

Based in Ottawa, Canada, ThreeDify (“THREE – DEE – IF – EYE”) Inc. offers innovative mining software solutions to help clients increase resource recovery and reduce mining costs. The Company was founded by two mining engineers, each with over 35 years of diversified experiences in both mining and high-tech industries.  As mining engineers, we talk the talk; as software developers, we understand what it takes to implement the requirements from geologists and mining engineers. ThreeDify’s competitive advantage lies in our ability to combine advanced modelling and optimization techniques with modern computing technologies in developing a next-generation mining software solution.

Besides, ThreeDify also creates a variety of lightweight 3D graphing, design mock-up and model viewing tools deployed as 3D add-in software for Microsoft Office Suite – the perfect WOW-factor to any Excel Spreadsheets or PowerPoint Presentations.

ThreeDify is built on a foundation of subject-matter expertise in the mining industry combined with advanced knowledge of 3D computer graphics, exceptional services and professional training. Our strong multidisciplinary team also provides tailored professional services to meet and exceed clients’ needs based on our core technologies.

A Project Consulting Company

…our clients demand solid reliable results suitable for rolling out the budget forecast and the “what if’’ scenarios… ThreeDify software has given us the competitive edge in doing so

Sarel Blaauw

A Mining Company in Canada

GeoModeler is easy to use, and can handle large amounts of data and run effective block model processing techniques to determine realized mineral assets and potential upside…

Ben Connor
Chief Operations and Data Strategist / Riverside Resources Inc.