iScheduler Open Pit

Integrated Life-Of-Mine and Production Scheduler for Open-pit Mines

From nested pits to Gantt Charts, GeoMine iScheduler-OP is an integrated Life-of-Mine (LOM) and production scheduler for open-pit mines. As a LOM scheduler, it schedules a set of nested pits based on geometric, operational and user-defined constraints. As a production scheduler, it also features a fully interactive 3D activity and dependency editor, activity and resource Gantt Charts, a PERT chart and a Network Diagram, and a Resource Leveling algorithm. iScheduler-OP is purposely built for sequencing and scheduling various kinds of mining activities and resources for short to long-term planning of open-pit mines. Activities and dependencies can be generated automatically or manually through its powerful interactive Activity and Dependency Editor,  which supports unlimited undo/redo.

iScheduler-OP also offers a unique and powerful feature called Activity Specialization that allows the mine planners to turn their long or medium-term open-pit activities into short-term ones or mix and match them with short-term activities in a single schedule.

iScheduler-OP Key Benefits

iScheduler-OP Feature List

Creates long-term strategic and/or production schedules from nested pits or pit designs;  Optionally uses optimal cut-off grade and production rate policies created by OptimCut.

Supports two stockpiling strategies. stocking marginal materials or stocking high grade ores (useful for the ramp-up period).

Interactively creates short- or medium-term bench mining cuts from long-term schedules incorporating precedence constraints; Creates open-pit activities from bench mining cuts; Creates activities from Margin Ranks for gridded seams.

Creates and schedules non-3D activity (logical) tasks.

Creates resources and assigns them to mining activities or tasks; Levels resources that are assigned to activities or tasks.

Creates associative 3D activities and dependencies from various mining objects.

Turns long- (yearly) or medium-term (quarterly or monthly) schedules to short-term (daily or weekly) schedules with user-defined activities;

Mixes and matches long- or medium-term open-pit activities with short-term activities in a single production schedule. 

Creates calendar activity and resource schedules Gantt Chart, PERT and Network Diagram representations. 

Includes playback, pause, resume, fast forward and backward schedule activities.

System Requirements: