Ore and Stockpile Blender

GeoMine Blender (Blender) is a direct stockpile blender. Blender allows ore and marginal materials from multiple stockpiles to be blended to meet the specific specification of one or more processing plants. Underpinning Blender is a goal programming optimization engine which allows the user to set multiple objectives with a set of constraints. Blender provides the best satisfying blending plan to meet the specified set of goals. When no such plan is feasible, Blender will automatically introduce soft-constraints to find a feasible plan and indicate how far the plan deviates from the given objectives.

Blender Key Benefits

Multiple objectives can be specified per period with multiple constraints

Ability to use Soft-Constraints or penalties to meet the specified set of goals and to indicate how far the solution deviates from the objectives.

Multiple processing plants with different input requirements can be specified.

Generate blending reports that conform to the production schedule.

System Requirements: