Haulage Simulator for Mine Transport Decarbonization Study

GeoMine-DigiSIM (DigiSIM) enables 3D Real-time Discrete Event Haulage Simulations to be conducted on the GeoMine platform. This tool enables the creation of digital twins for the decarbonization strategy study of large mines’ transport systems. The tool is also ideal for real-time shovel truck simulation that analyzes mine haulage networks to minimize traffic congestions and maximize the equipment utilization. 

This module comprises a Road Network Manager, Fleet Manager and JaamSim Pro discrete event simulator. The Road Network Manager adds a suite of road generation and editing tools to the GeoMine platform. The Fleet Manager features an extensible database for trucks, conveyors and railveyors. The JaamSim Pro discrete event simulator provides the simulation engine with support for finite material flows derived from mine plans.

DigiSIM Benefits

Automatically generates centerlines from in-pit or dump ramps and surface roads;

Creates and edits road networks with add, delete, move, extend road and bridge roads tools; Move and Insert Vertex tools for open-pit and underground mines.

Provides a built-in extensible database of trucks, conveyors and railveyors with options to add, delete and edit vehicle types and models.

Analyzes the impact of different transportation means and determines the KPIs on transport decarbonization;  Pin-points the bottleneck of your complex mine haulage systems through real-time discrete event simulation modeling;

Supports both open-pit and underground mines with finite material (ore and waste) flows directly derived from mine plans that are created within GeoMine.

System Requirements: