Powerful Point Cloud Meshing Tool for 3D Scanners and UAVs

GeoMine CloudMesher (CloudMesher) is a powerful point cloud meshing tool for 3D scanners and UAVs. Large point clouds with tens of millions of points can be viewed in an interactive speed on commodity laptops. Several meshing tools are included for creating high quality surfaces or solids that honour the original point clouds and that can be subsequently used as actionable mining objects for downstream design purposes, such as pit or stope reconciliations, cross sectioning, summarization of underdig, overdig, and percentage of volume variance.

CloudMesher Key Benefits

CloudMesher Feature List

Interactively view, mark-up and measure large point clouds.

Tool for interactively deleting individual points of a point cloud within a freehand drawing region

Tools for filtering and trimming point clouds 

Tool for splitting a single point cloud into sections with a few mouse clicks

Tools for performing Boolean operations on point clouds. 

Turns point clouds into high quality surfaces or water tight solids that honor the original points.

Mesh repairing tools including hole filling and mesh solidification.

Easy to use modelling and CAD tools for underground survey applications, including cross sectioning, volume and surface area calculations.

Cuts a Mesh by plane, polygon or another mesh.

Creates arbitrary cross sections from a mesh.

Robust mesh Boolean operations (intersection, union, difference and symmetric differences)

Includes reconciliation tools to show design variance, areas of conformance, and underdig and overdig.

System Requirements: