Stoping Limit and Shape Optimizer (SLSO)

GeoMine Stopemizer is a stoping limit and minable shape optimization tool for underground mine planning. Given a block model and a set of engineering and economic parameters, Stopemizer creates an optimal stoping boundary and then mineable shapes (stope shapes and/or pillar shapes). Stopemizer uses 3D triangulation to guide stope positioning and sizing, subject to min/max stope size and dip angle constraints. In addition, Stopemizer is capable of creating Dynamic Anisotropic Minable Shapes (DAMS) that accurately follow the orebody strike and dip, and hence minimize dilutions. 

Stopemizer is applicable to underground mines using any stoping method. If your mining method requires block caving or sub-level caving, please check out our Cavemizer module instead.

Stopemizer Key Benefits

Stopemizer Feature List

Automatically determines the optimal stoping limit (3D triangulation) that maximize total profit for a given block model using custom formulae.

Optionally uses any user–defined 3D triangulation as the stoping limit (particularly beneficial for narrow vein deposits)

Automatically creates regular minable shapes (stope shapes and/or pillar shapes) or DAMS (Dynamic Anisotropic Mineable Shapes) from a stoping limit, subject to internal constraints such as min/max stope sizes, min/max wall angles, dilution threshold, average stope cutoff grade or minimum stope profit.

Supports variable level height.

Supports optional rib and/or sill pillars.

Option to make rib pillars recoverable with pillar shapes. 

Edits individual stope shapes.

Optionally uses dynamic paths (polylines or 3D open mesh) to further enhance stope positioning and sizing for narrow vein deposits. 

External positional and exclusion constraints, such as minimum distance to faults and existing excavations, can be used to further confine the optimization process.

Both hanging-wall and foot-wall trough angles can be used to reduce dilution.

Precisely computes stope reserves and generates detailed reserve report, including stope dilution.

System Requirements: