Geological Modelling and Resource Estimation

GeoMine GeoModeler (GeoModeler), the mining and exploration industry's high performance 3D geological software tool for resource modelling and estimation, is engineered to model and visualize large and complex deposits. Underpinning GeoModeler is its innovative 2-in-1 hybrid modeling kernel that supports both 3D Block Modeling with Sub-blocking and 2D Gridded Seam Modeling (GSM) schemes.

Traditional 3D Block Modeling software has difficulty in handling gridded seam models where model extent in XY plane can be orders of magnitude larger than the Z-extent (e.g. phosphate or coal seam deposits) and hence a separate GSM based package is usually called for. With GeoModeler, this is no longer the case as both modeling schemes are supported simultaneously.

In addition to the hybrid modeling kernel, GeoModeler also sports a state-of-the-art Dynamic Anisotropy interpolation system that allows the search volume to be calibrated to follow the trend of the mineralization precisely. It is an ideal tool for preparing accurate resource estimates as input to subsequent mine design optimizations. To learn more about the DA system provided by GeoModeler, please refer to the following article what Dynamic Anisotropy is and why we should care.

In summary, GeoModeler is a comprehensive geological software tool that natively supports both 3D Block Modeling with Sub-blocking and 2D Gridded Seam Modeling schemes with both implicit modelling (RBF) and explicit modelling (Kriging and Inverse Distance with Dynamic Anisotropy) techniques.

GeoModeler Key Benefits

  • Accurate:Surface-based Dynamic Anisotropic Interpolation technology avoids the common pitfall of over-smoothing in resource estimation.
  • Powerful:Features a 2-in-1 hybrid modeling kernel that is capable of modeling any types and shapes of deposits with either explicit (Inverse Distance and Kriging) or implicit modeling (RBF) methods.
  • Easy-to-Use:Interactive WYSIWYG 3D block modeling or gridded seam modeling on commodity laptops with an integrated, non-blocking interface.
  • Flexible: Includes a powerful Visual Formula Editor for customization, plus all common surface, solid and block model manipulation tools in the Foundation module of GeoMine.
  • Supportive:Tailored training and professional services to customize our software to suit your deposit.
GeoModeler Screenshots
System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
Space: 20 GB
Ram: 6 GB
CPU: Dual core or Quad Core CPU
Additional Requirements: A mid-class video card with a good OpenGL driver, e.g., ATI Radeon 5650 HD or higher. We do NOT recommend NVdia gaming video cards, especially GeForce 400 to 500 series, as they are known to have severely sub-standard OpenGL drivers.

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