FSO - Flat Shape Optimizer

GeoMine FSO (Flat Shape Optimizer), is a minable shape optimizer and parametric designer for Room & Pillar or Room & Board mining methods for flat or moderately inclined thin tabular or seam orebodies, such as coal, potash, trona, limestone and manganese. FSO includes an automatic boundary optimizer and a parametric room and pillar designer. Given a grade model and a set of economic parameters, FSO automatically determines the best optimum mining boundary and interactively generates the  best-fit room and pillar design.

FSO Key Benefits

Determines the best mining boundary with FSO’s Boundary Optimizer.

Creates and iterates your design with FSO’s Parametric Room and Pillar Designer within minutes, not hours or days.

Pillars are optional and can be made recoverable. Pillars can  be placed in X or Y direction or in both directions

Option to use a gradient path or surface to set a variable height footprint to meet mining equipment’s operational constraint.

Reports precise mineable reserves for each room and pillar.

FSO requires GeoMine uCAD and Foundation modules. Please click this link for GeoMine uCAD Feature List.

System Requirements: