3D Mining Software and Geological Modelling Solutions

ThreeDify’s innovative 3D mining software solutions leverage the power of geological modelling and mine optimization to fully realize the value of your deposits.

Our Products

High performance and cost effective mining software solutions for 3D drillhole visualization, resource modelling, mine planning, pit or stope optimization, and design.

Latest Software Releases

QuickPit V1.0.x is now available.
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Stopemizer V2.5.x is now available.
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GeoModeler V3.6.0 is now available.
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FlowPit V5.6.x is now available.
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Excel CoreBlock V4.1.0 is now available.
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Customer Stories

Combining subject-matter expertise in the mining industry with advanced 3D computer graphics, our team received accolades for its responsiveness and thoroughness.

ThreeDify 3D Excel Add-In Software Tools

Excel Grapher is a 3D/4D graphing and charting tool deployed as add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Designer is a fast, intuitive and lightweight 3D model viewing and design mock-up tool.

3Doffice is a creative 3D add-in tool for Microsoft Office Suite, which modernizes the way users collaborate and communicate in 3D.

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Why Choose Us?

Increasing Your Productivity and Return on Investment

With a series of scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-use resource modelling and strategic mining planning software solutions, ThreeDify is committed to developing advanced solutions to empower our clients with the competitive edge for increasing productivity and return on investment.

A Suite of Innovative Mining Solutions for Large and Complex Deposits

Folded and deformed ore-bodies present a challenge to most resource estimation software tools. GeoModeler features a state-of-art surface based Dynamic Anisotropy (DA) interpolation system that allows the search volume to be calibrated to follow the trend of the mineralization precisely. Our users have reported a typical 80% time reduction using the DA methodology over using other non-DA based methods.

In addition, FlowPit’s highly efficient and scalable implementation achieves an order of magnitude speed-up in comparison to competitors. For example, without super-blocking, 64-bit FlowPit takes about 3 hours to complete a full 4D optimisation run for a block model with 100 million non-air blocks on modern i7 PCs equipped with 32gb ram.

3D Drillhole Data Visualization within Microsoft Excel

CoreBlock allows geologists to plot, visualise and analyse drillhole data using the familiar Excel interface. This will save time and reduce human errors by eliminating the need for exporting data into a third party’s geological package for 3D data visualization.

CoreBlock is not only created for geologists, but also for other stakeholders, such as investors, fund managers and property owners as the automated interpolation of block model does not require much geological engineering experience or significant analyses, which precludes the need for expensive geological modelling software during preliminary deposit estimation.

Responsive and Supportive

Our team continues to receive accolades for its responsiveness and thoroughness.

” … We have been very impressed with the constant evolution of your product and incorporating our needs into your new releases. We have also been very impressed with the level of service and support provided by your support engineer…”

“… Our clients demand solid reliable results suitable for rolling out the budget forecast and the “what if’’ scenarios… ThreeDify’s software has given us the competitive edge in doing so.

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