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GeoMine Video Tutorials

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GeoMine GeoModeler

Introducing GeoModeler - Resource Modelling and Estimation Software

GeoMine GeoModeler is an idea geological software tool for resource modelling and estimation, geostatistical analysis, as well as 3D drillhole data visualization. GeoModeler can help geologists improve accuracy and reduce uncertainty for better resource modelling and estimation. GeoModeler features an easy-to-use dynamic anisotropy option for accurate resource estimation. It also provides a fast implicit modelling module to save geologists’ time for preliminary evaluation of their deposits.

GeoMine uCAD

Introducing uCAD - CAD Tool for Underground Mine Design

GeoMine uCAD is a specialized CAD module for underground mine design. uCAD features an automated layout editor for underground levels as well as a number of interactive tools for creating design center lines for underground mine accesses, including shafts, adits, declines, ore accesses, and much more.

GeoMine Optunimizer

Introducing uCAD - CAD Tool for Underground Mine Design

GeoMine Optunimizer is an Open-pit to Underground Transition Optimizer. Optunimizer is built on top of two ThreeDify’s mature optimizers: FlowPit for pit optimization and Stopemizer for stope and caving optimization. As a result, the transition plan created by Optunimizer is optimal for both open-pit and underground mining.

GeoMine OptimCut

Introducing OptimCut - Dynamic Cut-off Grade Optimizer

GeoMine OptimCut is a dynamic cut-off grade and schedule optimizer. Given a set of nested pits or a stope design, a user-defined dollar formula (expressed as a function of metal price, recovery, fixed and/or variable costs of mining, processing, transportation and refinery. etc.), OptimCut finds N-best yearly cut-off grade and production rate policies (strategies), each of which maximizes NPV over the life of the mine.

GeoMine CloudMesher

Introducing CloudMesher - Interactive Point Cloud Meshing Tool

GeoMine CloudMesher is a powerful point cloud meshing tool for 3D scanners and UAVs. Large point clouds with tens of millions of points can be viewed in an interactive speed on commodity laptops. A number of meshing tools are included for creating high quality surfaces or solids that honour the original point clouds and that can be subsequently used as actionable mining objects for downstream design purposes.

GeoMine Cavemizer

Introducing Cavemizer

GeoMine Cavemizer is a powerful cave optimization and design tool for block caving or sub-level caving operations. Cavemizer includes an automatic footprint finder and a parametric cave designer. Given a grade model and a set of economic parameters, Cavemizer automatically determines the best footprint and interactively generates the corresponding cave design that models user-defined caving stages, each with its own recovery and external dilution.

GeoMine GSM

Introducing GSM suite of modules

GeoMine GSM is a suite of GeoMine modules for Gridded Seam Modelling, Optimization, Design and Scheduling. GSM module is specifically tailored for stratified deposits such as coal seams, thin phosphate or limestone deposits whose horizontal extent is considerably larger than the vertical extent, which imposes challenges to conventional 3D block modelling.

GeoMine XLCoreBlock

Introducing XLCoreBlock - Implicit Modelling & 3D Drillhole Data Visuliziation

GeoMine XLCoreBlock is a creative Microsoft Excel add-in tool that seamlessly integrates with your Excel workflow to increase productivity. XLCoreBlock features a 3D drillhole data visualizer and a simplified resource estimator. With XLCoreBlock, you can communicate your results to the prospectors in a most convenient and cost effective way.

More GeoMine XLCoreBlock Tutorials

iScheduler Open Pit Mine

iScheduler Underground Mine

GeoMine iScheduler

Introducing iScheduler - Integrated Activity & Resource Based 3D Mine Scheduler

GeoMine iScheduler is an activity and Gant-Chart based 3D mine production scheduler for short to long range mine planning. It features a fully interactive 3D activity and dependency editor, activity and resource Gantt Charts, a PERT chart and a Network Diagram, as well as a Resource Leveling algorithm. It includes two sub-modules, iScheduler-OP for open pit scheduling and iScheduler-UG for underground mine scheduling.

GeoMine FlowPit

Introducing FlowPit - Pit Optimization Software

GeoMine FlowPit is a highly efficient pit optimization software solution for open-pit reserves estimation, nested pit generation and sensitivity analysis. It features a novel 3D pit optimization implementation based on the industry standard Lerchs-Grossmann algorithm with a novel implementation. FlowPit can handle huge block models (with up to 100 million non-air blocks) with precision and accuracy without use of super-blocking.

GeoMine QuickPit

Introducing QuickPit - Open Pit Mine Design and Planning Software

GeoMine QuickPit is a rapid open pit mine design and planning tool. It can create a complete pit or dump design with ramps in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, its powerful incremental pushback/dump creation tool combined with history-based undo/redo allows the mine planner to evaluate multiple designs and plans in the shortest time possible.

GeoMine Stopemizer

Introducing QuickPit - Open Pit Mine Design and Planning Software

GeoMine Stopemizer is a stope optimization tool. Given a block model, Stopemizer creates optimized stope or caving designs and mineable shapes that can be used for reserve reporting or subsequent scheduling. Stopemizer is the underground equivalent of the FlowPit pit optimizer. Stopemizer/uCAD bundle also includes the Minable Shape Creator sub-module.