We Partner with Selected Technological and Consulting Firms to Extend our Product Offerings and to Better Meet Our Clients’ Needs in a Timely and Cost Effective Manner.

MineRP was founded in 1997 as Graphic Mining Solutions International (GMSI), MineRP primarily addresses the problem of mining technical data fragmentation through a spatially indexed integration platform – delivering a cohesive understanding of the orebody, mine plans and production status.  By implementing the MineRP Platform, mines operate as fully integrated digital enterprises, with simultaneous and complete views of both the financial and the mineral perspectives of the business. 

Through its revolutionary mine planning and operational management capabilities, the MineRP platform overcomes the decision-making lag introduced by unacceptably long planning cycles and unavailability of real time production data.

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Mineit is an engineering and geoscience consulting firm providing front-end engineering and technical consulting services to mining companies, financial institutions, governments, law firms, and individual investors within all technical and commercial aspects of mineral property development. Learn More

Tacmin Madini is a boutique project management consultancy that offers expertise and resources in delivering digital transformation and asset management services to the mining, minerals, construction, energy and power market sectors. We provide extensive experience in project, engineering and asset management with turnkey project implementation from conception through final close-out of projects, and beyond. Learn More

uGPS Rapid Mapper is a laser-based mobile scanning system that provides rapid 3D point cloud data acquisition – purpose built for underground mines and designed for rapid and easy input into many common CAD and GMP software packages. Our mission is to minimise data manipulation for our end users, while still providing actionable information quickly and intuitively- so you can make the best decision for your operation while it still counts. Learn More

Aegis is an underground drill & blast design and analysis software developed by iRing Inc. Aegis is a powerful drilling and blasting design tool that is capable of creating drill and blast patterns for an entire stope in seconds, and optimising ring patterns to maximize profit. Aegis currently has two product levels: Aegis Analyzer – a revolutionary blast analysis tool; and Aegis Designer – a leading edge ring design package. Learn More

Clickmox provides consultancy, product development and service to the mining and industrial sectors, in the areas of 3D LiDAR scanning, robotics, geotechnical monitoring, point cloud data processing, convergence monitoring and simulations. Learn More