We Partner with Selected Technological and Consulting Firms to Extend our Product Offerings and to Better Meet Our Clients’ Needs in a Timely and Cost Effective Manner.

MineRP can enable mining teams to create and test integrated mine planning scenarios, deliver optimal schedules, and provide operations with realistic shift plans they can trust. By implementing the MineRP Platform, mines operate as fully integrated digital enterprises, with simultaneous and complete views of the business’s financial and mineral perspectives.  Through its revolutionary mine planning and operational management capabilities, the MineRP platform overcomes the decision-making lag introduced by unacceptably long planning cycles and the unavailability of real-time production data. Learn More

Tacmin Madini is a boutique project management consultancy offering expertise and resources in delivering digital transformation and asset management services to the mining, minerals, construction, energy and power sectors. We provide extensive experience in project, engineering and asset management with turnkey project implementation from conception through final close-out of projects and beyond. Learn More

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Edelrod Consulting provides front-end engineering and technical consulting services to mining companies. Its consulting services are versatile, including but not limited to the following: scoping, pre-feasibility & feasibility studies, risk management, exploration, geology & resources, structure & alteration, exploration management, open-pit mining, environmental assessments & auditing and mine closure planning. Learn More

Based in Cologne, Germany, IotaOrigin UG (Haftungbeschränkt) Inc. can provide certification of raw materials based on EU Regulation 2017/821 and OECD Guidelines through a DLT-based tracking system called IotaOrigin Services. This system ensures the confidentiality of trade secrets and supplier information. Additionally, combined with ThreeDify-GeoMine, we can digitize the production of raw materials in each mine to streamline trade flows, similar to CO2 emissions trading within the EU, and reduce barriers on the B2B platform. Learn More

Based in Lima, Peru, DHY Mining CORP offers advice on obtaining permits, financing, and mining management. Its consulting services include preparing and evaluating geological-mining processes and conceptual and mining geological feasibility studies. In addition, it also provides training in geological-mining software at an educational and business level and distributes and provides local support to ThreeDify-GeoMine users. Learn More

Clickmox Solutions is a privately owned, federally incorporated business in Canada. Clickmox specializes in 3D LiDAR scanning, robotics, geotechnical monitoring, point cloud data processing, convergence monitoring and simulations. Learn More

JaamSim Pro is the leading simulation software for resource and transportation industries.  Our advanced software package allows engineers to build dynamic simulation models of complex supply chains better and faster.