Dynamic Anisotropic Minable Shape Optimizer (DA-MSO)

August 20, 2019 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is pleased to announce the general availability of Dynamic Anisotropic Minable Shape Optimizer (DA-MSO), a new component in GeoMine-Stopemizer that allows the user to easily create Dynamic Anisotropic Minable Shapes (DAMS) that aims to minimize dilutions and maximize recovery while respecting basic geometric and geotechnical constraints.  Dynamic Anisotropy allows anisotropy rotation angles defining the search ellipsoid and variogram model to directly follow the trend of the mineralisation for each cell within a block model that represents an orebody.  To mine such an orebody using an underground stoping method, a set of minable shapes is superimposed on top of the block model. An optimal superposition is the one that maximizes recovery and minimizes dilution.  Stopemizer’s DA-MSO is a specialized tool specifically designed for creating a set of DAMS from user specified Dynamic Anisotropy paths.