iScheduler Feature List

iScheduler-OpenPit Long-Term Scheduling sub-module: Create long-term production schedules from nested pits. Optionally use optimal cut-off grade and production rate policies created by OptimCut.
iScheduler-OpenPit Short-to-Mid Term sub-module: Interactively create short-term bench mining cuts from long-term schedules incorporating precedence constraints; Creates open-pit activities from bench mining cuts; Creates activities from Margin Ranks for gridded seams.
iScheduler-Underground sub-module: Interactively create and edit polyline dev-activities from design center-lines, mesh dev-activities from mesh development accesses, stope activities from stope designs, stope-slice activities from stopes and excavation activities from underground excavations; Create and edit internal dependencies within an activity group and external dependencies between activity groups.
Mining Task Generation: Create and schedule non-3D activity (logical) tasks.
Resource Management: Create resources and assign them to mining activities or tasks; Level resources that are assigned to activities or tasks.
User-controlled Schedule types: Use activity-level property schedulability to control what schedule to create.
Gantt Chart sub-module: Create Gantt-Charts, Resource Charts or Network Diagrams from mining activities and tasks.
Schedule Animation: Play, pause, resume, fast forward and backward medium or short-term schedules.
Also includes all features of GeoMine Foundation module. Please click the link for GeoMine Foundation Feature List.
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