Geomine Introduces Unfaulting for Unfaulted Interpolation of Faulted Deposits

Sept. 28, 2020 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is pleased to introduce Fault Networks and Unfaulting for Unfaulted Interpolation of Faulted Deposits.

Unfaulting, in the context of geological modeling and resource estimation, is a space transformation and partitioning technique that transforms drill hole composites back to its unfaulted space. Block Model Interpolation happens in the unfaulted space and the interpolated blocks are then transformed back to the faulted space. This technique is best suited for faulted deposits where the fault network was formed after orebody had been deposited. Since the orebody is assumed to have existed prior to faulting, interpolation in the unfaulted space would tend to result in a more accurate resource estimate.

Unfaulting currently is available to Ordinary Kriging and Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation methods in GeoMine-GeoModeler.

Along with Unfaulting, the new GeoMine release also introduced the Fault Network Manager which provides tools for creating and editing Fault Networks. With the Fault Network Manager, Custom Fault Interactions can also be added between pairs of faults. A fault in a Fault Network can be either finite or infinite and it can be dynamically activated and deactivated on the fly.

For more information about Unfaulting and Fault Network Management in GeoMine-GeoModeler, please contact us.