FlowPit Feature List

Generation of nested pits (for creating schedules that either maximize NPV or meeting the production rates with iScheduler)
Powerful block model preview and inspection capabilities (via the free GeoMine Foundation module) allows the user to detect and correct potential errors in the input block model before optimisation starts.
Powerful post-optimisation Visual Report Generator allows maximum flexibility in report generation without custom scripting.
Handling very large block models with more than 30 mil non-air blocks
Support for exclusion regions (property lines that must not be crossed) can be specified as polylines in a DXF file.
Generation of the optimum ultimate pit and a set of nested pits as input to iScheduler. Two types of nested pits can be generated: LG nested pits for creating LOM schedules with maximal NPV and equal-sized geologically optimum nested pits for creating smooth schedules with relatively constant production rate. (Pushbacks and/or Schedules must be created with iScheduler, FlowPit only generates nested pits as input to iScheduler)
Output to CSV format and to DXF format
Exploiting parallelism on multi-core CPUs for ultimate performance.
Flexible block value formula editor (made possible by a powerful cell scripting engine) supports multi-minerals, stockpiling options, partial block calculations as well as unlimited user conditions or constraints. FlowPit’s Cell Scripting Engine opens a door to virtually infinite possibilities for mine planners that make a difference.
Slope angle can vary by rock types, by sectors and/or by levels.
Option to normalize and reblock input block model if needed.
Supports a large range of ASCII file formats exported by all General Mining Packages including ThreDify CoreBlock and ThreeDify GeoModeler.
Built-in real-time 3D viewer of final and nested pits.
Includes all features in GeoMine Foundation module
Sensitivity analysis allows the user to see the impact of changes to any variable (price, costs) on the NPV of the project, as well as the impact of geological uncertainty.
Also includes all features of GeoMine Foundation Module. Please click the link for GeoMine Foundation Feature List.
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