Download Excel CoreBlock New Release

XLCoreBlock V4.8.6, released on May 8, 2017
  • Added support for continuous and categorical attributes: XLCoreBlock can now import, visualize and interpolate both continuous and categorical attributes.
  • 9x performance speed-up on the 3D RBF interpolation!
  • Replaced the existing fixed-length compositing algorithm with a sophisticated and more accurate cut-off based compositing method (same as the one used in GeoModeler).

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Download Excel Coreblock 32 bit v4.8.0:
[CMDM-download id=1004]

Download Excel Coreblock 64 bit v4.8.0:
[CMDM-download id=1018]

Excel CoreBlock

CoreBlock is a creative Microsoft Office add-in tool that seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Office workflow to increase productivity. It features a 3D drillhole data visualizer and a simplified ore reserve estimator.

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