Visualiseur de forage Excel / estimateur de ressources

Déployé comme un add-in de Microsoft Excel, ThreeDify XLCoreBlock est un outil de visualisation de sondage et d’estimation de ressource rapide basé sur Excel. En exploitant la popularité et le facilité d’utilisation d’Excel, XLCoreBlock a considérablement diminué la courbe d’apprentissage et le cout total de propriété de connaissances pour les travailleurs dans l’exploitation minière. C’est devenu l’outil « vas à » (go to) pour les géologues sur le terrain, les cadres de l’industrie minière, les banques d’investissement et les titulaires de propriétés. Avec XLCoreBlock, vous pouvez rapidement et efficacement communiquer vos résultats de sondage et estimation préliminaire de ressources aux parties prenantes.

Principaux Avantages de XLCoreBlock

Système informatique requis:

“… ThreeDify Excel CoreBlock is simple, effective, and best of all everything can be done within Excel. Equally as impressive as the software was the customer support… The support team was always there to quickly resolve any issue we had.”
Raul Lopez
Mining Engineer Intern

Liste de Caractéristique de XLCoreViz

Specify drill hole records within Excel worksheet with lithology, assays, and continuous and categorical attributes; Desurvey drill holes with choices of five desurvey algorithms (radius of curvature, minimum curvature, balanced tangential, average angle and linear).

Color-code drill holes by lithology, assays, continuous or categorical attributes;

Create composites, cap composite assay(s) to eliminate outliners, and export to GeoEAS format to be used by GSLib programs (for geostatistical analysis)

Downhole annotations and and real-time data tips.

Display and browse plans and cross sections in real-time. Create topographical surface from drill hole collars.

Selectively show or hide drill holes, assay or attribute intervals..

Zoom (mouse wheel scroll), Pan(middle mouse drag) and Spin (left mouse drag) and Spin Animate drill holes and block models.

export to DXF, VRML v2 and AVI video formats.

Supports two drawing modes: uniform and non-uniform scaling modes.

Supports two camera modes: Orthographic and Perspective.

Developer’s SDK:Dual Interfaces (automation interfaces for VB and VBA, and vtbl interfaces for C++)

3D File Export: DXF, STL(binary), XGL

Liste de Caractéristique de XLCoreBlock

All XLCoreViz features are included in XLCoreBlock

Automated block grade and attribute estimation using a ultra-fast 3D Anisotropic Radial Basis Function (RBF) interpolator. No variogram modelling is required.

Generate iso-surfaces or solids for assay grades or continuous attributes; Support both single and multi-mineral deposits.

Export block model to a flexible ASCII format; Export iso-grade or iso-attribute surfaces and drill holes to DXF and VRML formats

Classify estimated blocks into measured, indicated and inferred classes

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