ThreeDify Introduces Unfolding for Unfolded Interpolations of Folded Deposits

June 29, 2020 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is pleased to introduce Unfolding for Unfolded Interpolations of folded orebodies.

Unfolding, in the context of GeoModeling, is a space transformation technique that transforms composites and block model to a flattened space. Interpolation happens in the flattened space and then the interpolated block attributes are transformed back to the original (folded) space. This technique is best suited for folded deposits where the orebody was folded due to tectonic pressure after it had been deposited. Since attributes are assumed to have existed prior to folding, interpolation in unfolded space would tend to result in a more accurate resource estimate.

Unfolding currently is available to Ordinary Kriging and Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation methods in GeoMine-GeoModeler.

For more information about Unfolding and Unfolded Interpolation, please contact us from our Contact page.