GeoMine Is Being Deployed at RWTH AACHEN University and the Latest Development Updates

December 11, 2017 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is thrilled to announce the site-wide deployment of its flag ship product GeoMine to the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE ) at RWTH AACHEN University, the best German University for Miners and Mining according to the 2016 QS Rankings.  RWTH Aachen University is the largest university of technology in Germany and one of the most renowned in Europe.  Every year, numerous international students and scientists come to the university to benefit from its high quality courses and excellent facilities, both of which are recognised at an international level.

This is a significant win for ThreeDify as GeoMine is replacing other General Mine Packages (GMPs) for teaching and training of both students at the University and mining professionals registered for the European Mining Course (EMC) program, thanks to its integrated workflow, high performance and ease of use.  ThreeDify is constantly evolving its products to help its clients to be equipped for tomorrow.  And with its academic licensed software, ThreeDify is doing the same for the next generation of mining professionals.

The Latest Development Updates:

Other recent developments in ThreeDify have been focused on further refining the existing integrated workflow between all GeoMine’s 10 modules to enhance flexibility and functionality, and improve the overall user experience.

A key differentiator for GeoMine over other GMPs is the fact that GeoMine is a fully integrated solution from geological modelling to production scheduling in a single, unified workspace with no data silos. This eliminates the need for incremental import/export steps, and hence greatly increases users’ productivity. The following is list of a few highlights:

  • GeoModeler’s state-of-the-art surface based Dynamic Anisotropy (DA) interpolation system helps geologists improve accuracy of their resource estimates.
  • Octree based hybrid modelling kernel enables handling of large and complex ore deposits in a single session, which impose challenges to conventional block modelling techniques. The maximum model space is half a million x half a million x half a million instead of 1000 x 1000 x 1000 from traditional mining software packages.
  • FlowPit is much faster than other pit optimizers on the market and it can handle 100 million non-air blocks without use of super-blocking. It is well-known that super-blocking materially affects NPV or solution accuracy.
  • QuickPit is a rapid pit design tool which allows mine planners to build a complete pit or dump design with ramps in a matter of minutes.
  • The stope designs created by Stopemizer are not only optimum for a given stope layout, but also practical for engineering use as it produces optimal mineable shapes in respect of important geotechnical and geometric constraints. Stopemizer can be applied not only to all stoping methods, but also to all caving methods including longwall, sub-level caving and block caving.
  • uCAD is a specialised CAD tool with both manual and automatic level editors for underground mine layout design.
  • Optunimizer, an Open-pit to Underground transition optimizer, is the only transition optimization tool available in the market.
  • OptimCut is a dynamic cut-off grade and production rate schedule optimizer with an integrated workflow and easy-to-use graphical user interface (much easier to use than other optimal scheduling tools which are Excel spreadsheet based).
  • iScheduler is an integrated activity and resource based 3D mine production scheduler for surface and underground mine scheduling. It features a fully interactive 3D activity and dependency editor, activity and resource Gantt Charts, a PERT chart and a Network Diagram, as well as a Resource Leveling algorithm.
  • GeoMine has good compatibility with most other file formats from 3rd party GMPs.

In addition, our products are easy to use and cost effective. Our licenses are very flexible. All the modules within GeoMine can be licensed independently. We provide web-based and on-site training based on our customers’ needs.