ThreeDify Releases GeoMine Cavemizer for Cave Optimization and Design

April 23, 2018 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is pleased to announce the immediate availability of GeoMine-Cavemizer (GMC), a new module within the integrated GeoMine workspace that is specifically built for block caving and sub-level caving operations.  CaveMizer is the latest addition to GeoMine, the single workspace that houses eleven fully integrated modules ranging from resource modelling to scheduling for both open-pit and underground mines.

GMC features an Automatic Footprint Finder and a Parametric Cave Designer. The Footprint Finder allows the user to determine the best footprint for a block caving or sub-level caving design from a given block model and a set of economic parameters. The Parametric Cave Designer enables the user to quickly create multiple design scenarios from a given footprint, and accurately calculate reserves for various caving stages, each with its own recovery and dilution factors. The Parametric Cave Designer also automatically generates level development layouts for a given cave design, greatly simplifying the tedious underground layout design process.

With the introduction of Cavemizer, GeoMine has become more rounded solution for underground mine planning as the caving method is an increasingly important underground mining method.  With Cavemizer, our clients can realise substantial increases in deposit value through more accurate reserve estimations and reports, while benefiting from better dilution management as the users are in total control of defining all their own caving stages. This leads to better strategies with direct implications for improving business outcomes.

To learn more or request a Cavemizer demo, please contact us.