ThreeDify QuickPit (QuickPit) 是一款功能强大,快捷的露天矿设计软件工具。 它使采矿工程师能在几分钟的时间内完成一个系统的露天矿坑、坡道和台阶、以及堆矿场的设计。将其渐进式产生的一系列嵌套境界及堆场设计功能与QuickPit无限制的取消与重做功能相结合,采矿设计工程师能以最为效的方式评估多种设计方案,从而在最短的时间里制定出合理的设计。QuickPit通过自动生成轮廓线与数值结果大大简化了传统的露天矿坑的设计流程,使 QuickPit 能从众多的 露天矿设计软件工具中脱颖而出。

QuickPit Key Features

  • Quickly designs and edits pits, phases and dumps with pushback or dump increments.
  • Creates multiple ramps, each with its own access points.
  • Calculates minable reserves and reports statistics.
  • Creates and clips to property line constraints.
  • Creates dump(s) anywhere, including mined-out areas
  • Creates accurate 3D pit surface representation with bench toes and crests
  • Imports Lerchs-Grossmann pit as a design basis for design reconciliation.
  • Unlimited history-based undo/redo.
  • Allows pit slope to vary by sectors and by levels (upcoming Version 2 only).
  • WYSIWYG contour plots at any time.
QuickPit Screenshots
System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
Space: 20 GB
Ram: 4 GB
CPU: Dual core or Quad Core CPU
Additional Requirements: A mid-class video card with a good OpenGL driver, e.g., ATI Radeon 5650 HD or higher. We do NOT recommend NVdia gaming video cards, especially GeForce 400 to 500 series, as they are known to have severely sub-standard OpenGL drivers.