ThreeDify OptimCut (OptimCut) 是一款基于图形用户界面的交互式边界品位优化工具。它采用了动态算法来确定露天矿或地下矿每年最佳的边界品位值和生产率。它以净现值 (NPV) 最大化为优化目标,提供标准型和约束型两种优化模式,可以产生几个最优方案供用户根据具体情况选择最合理的解决方案。对于策略性采矿规划来说,决定矿山的边界品位以及生产率是一项关键的任务。OptimCut是一款不仅简单而且性价比高的软件工具。对于那些经常需要根据市场变化或想及时地知道不同的变量调整对NPV影响效果的工程师来说,它是一个理想而可靠的工具。

Key Benefits

  • Flexible: create constrained, unconstrained or static cut-off grade and production rate policies. Metal price can vary over time, so are the various costs.
  • Easy to use: intuitive GUI front-end that displays and compares multiple policies side-by-side.
  • Import: imports grade distribution(s) from Final Pit output of FlowPit and Stope Design output of Stopemizer.
  • Export: exports policies to CSV files; exports to FlowPit for open-pit pushback scheduling and to Stopemizer for underground scheduling.
System requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
Disk Space: 1 GB