ThreeDify Stopemizer 是一款基于业界标准三维露天矿优化图论算法(Lerchs-Grossmann)的概念,创新应用于地下矿房优化、地下矿山可行性研究及规划的软件模块。Stopemizer采用品位模型或经济模型进行矿房优化运算。 在进行矿房优化运算过程中,Stopemizer 不仅考虑了地下矿房的尺寸大小、形状和边界、同时结合地质模型综合考虑了地下矿床的可采性、岩土约束性、采空区模型及地下采场的工程条件的限制,如巷道、采场及钻孔的位置,来决定矿体的可采范围。因此Stopemizer产生的优化矿房设计不仅适合给定的采场布局,也具有工程实用性。Stopemizer的综合优化运算的设计理念,使它有别于目前大多数地下矿房优化设计软件:因为它们无法将岩土约束性、采空区模型及地下采场的工程条件限制整合在一起进行综合优化运算,因此采矿工程师通常需要根据地下采场的这些工程条件的限制不得不人为地修改优化运算的设计方案。

Stopemizer Key Benefits

  • Powerful: The rigorous 3D optimization algorithm guarantees optimality of the stope design for a given stope layout.
  • Practical: Ability to specify hanging wall and footwall angles, pillar sizes and positions, as well as the locations of draw points and inclined raises, to create mineable shapes.
  • User Friendly: Full 3D power within GeoMine workspace.
  • A great time-saver: A new stope layout can be evaluated in a metter of minutes, not hours or days.
  • Scalable: built for 64-bit platforms.
Stopemizer Screenshots
System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
Disk Space: 20 GB
Ram: 6 GB
CPU: Dual core or Quad Core CPU
Additional Requirements: A mid-class video card with a good OpenGL driver, e.g., ATI Radeon 5650 HD or higher. We do NOT recommend NVdia gaming video cards, especially GeForce 400 to 500 series, as they are known to have severely sub-standard OpenGL drivers.