Advanced CAD Tool for Underground Mine Design

GeoMine uCAD (uCAD) is an advanced CAD tool for underground mine design. It features one of the most productive 3D CAD interfaces, which is only made possible by a powerful command stack and a concurrent, non-blocking command dialog paradigm. uCAD includes a set of tools that are purposely engineered to boost mine designers’ productivity. With uCAD, creating an underground mine layout is no longer a tedious task as with generic CAD packages.

uCAD Key Benefits

Interactively creates and edits design center lines representing shafts, drifts and cross-cuts.

Interactively and parametrically creates declines and ramps.

Parametric and manual editing of your optimized mineable shapes (also requires a Stopemizer license). 

Batch mode creation of level developments, each comprised of drifts and cross-cuts; interactive editing of level development objects (also requires a Stopemizer or Cavemizer license).

Designs block caves or sub-level caves with a few mouse clicks (also requires a Cavemizer license).

Generates solid meshes from design center lines and level development objects.

Profile Editor for creating custom cross-section profiles.

Cuts mine development meshes into small segments for subsequent activity creation.

System Requirements: