ThreeDify announces GeoMine-HaulCalc

June 25, 2021  – Ottawa: ThreeDify is pleased to announce GeoMine-HaulCalc, an integrated haulage analysis tool available as an individually licensed module in GeoMine. 

HaulCalc provides detailed analysis of haul routes and is an ideal fleet budgeting tool.  It can be used to determine the truck fleet required to meet a target production rate or the achievable production rate based on a given truck fleet. 

This module is comprised of Road Network Manager, Fleet Manager and Haul Route Analyzer. The Road Network Manager adds a suite of road generation and editing tools to the GeoMine platform; the Fleet Manager features an extensible truck database and the Haul Route Analyzer partitions a given road network into road segments and performs route analysis on user-selected routes. 

To learn more or request a live demo of GeoMine-HaulCalc, please visit our HaulCalc page or Contact ThreeDify.