QuickPit Feature List

Pushback sub-module: create pushback increments by projecting a base contours up or down; allows the pit slope angle of each increment to vary by sectors and by levels.
Ramp sub-module:  Create multiple complete or partial in-pit ramps with multiple access points. Quickly conduct cost analysis for alternative ramp configurations.
Dump sub-module:  create dump increments and calculate dump volume.
Pit Generation by Margin Ranking GSMs (upcoming new version v5.0) : auto-generate pit designs by margin ranking Gridded Seam Models (for coal or seam type deposits).
Pit Reconciliation: sub-module: compare and reconcile any pit design with the Lerchs-Grossman pit or the as-built pit to show the design variance.
Pit Reserve Reporter and Exporter: generate bench-by-bench reserve report; export a pit design to DXF or CSV format.
Also includes all features of GeoMine Foundation module. Please click the link for GeoMine Foundation Feature List.
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