Open-Pit to Underground Transition Optimiser

Do you have a near-surface deposit with considerable vertical extent that has the potential to be mined by a combined method of open-pit and underground mining? As the reserve in an open-pit gets depleted, many medium to large open-pit mines face challenges in determining the best cut-over point from open-pit to underground mining.

GeoMine Optunimizer (Optunimizer) is an Open-pit to Underground Transition Optimizer. Optunimizer allows a mine planner to determine the optimal transition zone from open-pit to underground mining with the objective of maximizing total profit of the entire mine. Optunimizer is built on top of three ThreeDify optimizers: FlowPit for pit optimization, Stopemizer for stope optimization, and Cavemizer for caving optimization. As a result, the transition plan created by Optunimizer is optimal for both open-pit and underground mining – there is no longer a need for a trial and error design process.

Optunimizer not only determines the location of the best transition zone, but also provides the planner an option to use a crown pillar within the transition zone. Furthermore, Optunimizer is agnostic to underground mining methods: it can be applied to stoping and caving methods (including sublevel caving and block caving). Combined with iScheduler for development and production scheduling, Optunimizer has the following key capabilities:

Optunimizer Key Benefits

Optunimizer Feature List

Generates a set of nested pits that maximize total profit assuming the deposit is mined with open-pit mining.

Generates a stope or a caving design that maximize total profit assuming the deposit is mined with underground mining

Defines the optimum transition zone from open pit to underground mining from the generated nested pits and stope or caving design.

Maximizes NPV (or other variable) when combined with the iScheduler-OP or iScheduler-UG by defining the best overall option considering infrastructure development and mine preparation with the aim of ensuring plant feed (ramping up, stockpiling, etc.) within one integrated software package, GeoMine

Supports various mining methods, including all stoping methods, block caving and sub-level caving methods.

Visual Formula Editor enables users to decide how they want to calculate the dollar values of a block when mined as part of an open-pit and/or as part of an underground mine.

System Requirements:

CPU: Quad Core
RAM: 8 Gb

CPU: 3rd Gen i7 or Up
RAM: 16 Gb