Licensing Options

Our licenses are designed to make using our products easier. Whether you’re an independent consultant, an early exploration company or a multi-national corporation, choosing the right license is an important step in getting the most out of our products. We offer the following options:

  • Short-term Subscription License : on a short-term basis (for as short as one month); This is a very cost-effective licensing option for independent consultants.
  • Permanent License: it grants indefinite use of the product under the terms and conditions of the license agreement.
  • Network License: for medium to large organizations requiring many users

To help our clients unleash the power of our products effectively, the following services are included in our annual support package: free major upgrades and unlimited email support within the support period. For new clients, a free one-time set up with the client’s data is included in one year subscription and permanent licenses. In addition, we offer web-based training to help the first time users of ThreeDify’s products up to speed. On-site training at the client’s site is available upon request.

We provide very flexible payment options. Once you decide your license choice, we will send you either an online payment link so that you can pay by your credit card or Wire Transfer instructions.

XLCoreBlock Permanent License

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To subscribe or get a price quote for our other license options,


GeoMine Monthly Subscription License Price

GeoMine Foundation: USD$499/month

GeoMine Foundation: block model visualization, import and export, creation of TIN, gridded surfaces and contours, cross-sectioning, mesh manipulation, real-time shells, model statistics, report generation, measurement and dimension tools, and more.

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GeoMine GeoModeler: USD$1099/month

GeoModeler: DDH visualization, compositing, wireframing, block modeling with sub-blocks, RBF implicit modeling, Geostatistics, grade and attribute interpolations with Dynamic Anisotropy, user-defined attributes, block model math and validation, sub-blocking, resource classification, and more.

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GeoMine FlowPit: USD$699/month

FlowPit: pit optimizer for determining ultimate and nested pits with an ultra-fast and novel implementation of Lerchs & Grossmann optimization algorithm; ability to vary slope angles by rock type or by sectors and levels, and more.

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GeoMine QuickPit: USD$499/month

QuickPit: Rapid pit and dump design, reserving, dump volume calculation, pit reconciliation and more.

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GeoMine Stopemizer: USD$999/month

Stopemizer: Stoping boundary and design optimization using Lerchs & Grossmann or Maximal Value Neighborhood algorithm; manual stope design from user-imported meshes; automatic mineable shape creation, stope reconciliation and more.

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GeoMine uCAD: USD$499/month

uCAD: underground mine design: create and edit design center lines and profiles for level development layouts, declines and ore accesses, and more.

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GeoMine Optunimizer: USD$1559/month

Optunimizer: determine the optimal transition zone from open-pit to underground mining with the objective of maximizing total profit of the entire mine, including FlowPit and Stopemizer.

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GeoMine OptimCut: USD$699/month

OptimCut: Given a set of nested pits or a stope design, OptimCut finds N-best yearly cut-off grade and production rate policies that maximize NPV over the life of the mine using a Constrained Dynamic Programming algorithm. The output of OptimCut is a set of Life-Of-Mine schedules with optional stockpile strategies.

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GeoMine iScheduler for Surface Mining: USD$999/month

iScheduler for Open Pit Mines: long and short-term open-pit production scheduling, create or import nested pits, create & schedule bench cuts, create resources and tasks, create Gantt charts, PERT and network diagrams, resource leveling, schedule animations and more.

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GeoMine iScheduler for Underground: USD$1049/month

iScheduler for UG Mines: long and short term underground production scheduling, creates and schedules underground mining activities and tasks, creates Gantt chart, PERT and network diagrams, resource levelling, schedule animation and more.

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GeoMine CloudMesher: USD$369/month

CloudMesher: interactive viewing &mark-ups of large point clouds, tools for filtering, segmenting &performing Boolean operations, turn point clouds into surfaces or water tight solids, and more

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Excel CoreBlock: USD$299/month

CoreViz Module: interactive 3D drillhole data visualization within Microsoft Excel, and more

CoreViz Module: create and export 3D block models of grades and wireframes (as iso-grade surfaces or solids), include anisotropic Radial Basis Function (RBF) based implicit modelling, and more

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