GeoMine-OreChaser est disponible

February 3, 2022 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is thrilled to announce GeoMine-OreChaser, an integrated infill drilling plan optimizer for open-pit and underground mines.

OreChaser allows drill planners to determine the optimum number, positions and lengths of additional drill holes required to maximize the resource uplift for a given drill budget spend.
OreChaser features a proprietary 3D Genetic Algorithm with the choice of two search strategies: RocDP (Randomized Ore Chasing Drilling Plane) strategy and (FRD) Fully Random Drilling strategy, to minimize Kriging variances.

Unlike most other competing drill hole optimizers, which can only generate non-directional drill holes, the auto-generated infill drill holes in OreChaser can be either directional or non-directional.

To learn more or request a live demo of GeoMine-OreChaser, please visit our OreChaser page or Contact ThreeDify.