GeoMine Gridded Seam Modelling (GeoMine-GSM) Solution Is Available

October 25, 2018 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is pleased to announce the general availability of our GeoMine Gridded Seam Modelling (GSM) Solution, a suite of GeoMine modules tailored for effective modelling, Optimizing and Designing of thin or tabular deposits.

The GeoMine-GSM suite includes a built-in Pit Optimizer that determines the optimum pit limit and allows the user to incorporate any constraints using GeoMine’s unique Visual Formula Editor.  With the addition of the GSM suite, GeoMine now features a high-performance geological modelling system that supports both 3D block modelling and 2D Gridded Seam Modelling. 

To learn more or request a live demo for the GSM modules, please contact us.