GeoMine-FSO (Flat Shape Optimizer) is available now

May 25, 2022 – Ottawa: ThreeDify is pleased to announce the general availability of GeoMine FSO. GeoMine FSO is a minable shape optimizer and parametric designer for Room & Pillar or Room & Board mining methods for flat or moderately inclined thin tabular or seam orebodies, such as coal, potash, trona, limestone and manganese. FSO includes an automatic boundary optimizer and a parametric room and pillar/bord designer. Given a grade model and a set of economic parameters, FSO automatically determines the optimum mining boundary and interactively generates the best-fit room and pillar/bord design in a matter of minutes.

For more information about GeoMine FSO, please visit our GeoMine FSO page or contact ThreeDify from our Contact page.