GeoMine Adds a New Module, Optunimizer and Much More

October 31, 2016 – Ottawa: we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Optunimizer, a new module in GeoMine.  Optunimizer is an open-pit to underground transition optimizer that determines the optimal transition zone from open-pit to underground mining with the objective of maximizing total NPV of the entire mine. Optunimizer is built on top of two ThreeDify’s mature optimizers: FlowPit for pit optimization and Stopemizer for stope and caving optimization. Combined with iScheduler for development and production scheduling, Optunimizer offers the following benefits to mine planners:

  • Defines the optimum transition zone from open pit to underground mining, eliminating the needs for a trial and error process and thus greatly improving productivity.optunimizer_web_2
  • Maximizes NPV (or other variable) by defining the best overall option considering infrastructure development and mine preparation with the aim of ensuring plant feed (ramping up, stockpiling, etc.) within one integrated software package, GeoMine.
  • Fast integrated design and scheduling of both open-pit and underground mines with resource constraints
  • Supports different mining methods. Including all stoping methods as well as the block caving method (please note that support for longwall and sublevel caving is under way).

GeoModeler module achieves 9x speed-up for implicit modeling

We are very excited in achieving a significant speed-up for ThreeDify’s implementation of the RBF (Radial Basis Function) algorithm, the engine that underpins GeoModeler’s implicit modeling module.  With big data set, what used to take hours now takes minutes.  With this speed-up, geologists can now automatically compute dynamic anisotropy surfaces from a big block model quickly and easily, affording the time to conduct what-if-scenario analysis with dynamic anisotropic interpolation within GeoMine.

GeoMine is integrated with Aegis

We are pleased to announce bundling of GeoMine with Aegis, an underground drill & blast design and analysis software developed by iRing Inc.  Aegis is a powerful drilling and blasting design tool that is capable of creating drill and blast patterns for an entire stope in seconds, and optimizing ring patterns to maximize profit.  With the addition of Aegis, the GeoMine solution is now one stop shop for all your mine planning needs, whether you are a resource geologist facing orebody modeling challenges for your big deposit or a mine planning engineer looking for fast and robust optimization, design and scheduling tools, GeoMine have you covered.

If you would like to see our products in action or discuss any new requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.  It would be a privilege for us to serve your needs and we look forward to working with you.