PDAC 2019 (3-6 marzo) en Toronto

2019-01-07 – Ottawa: Les invitamos a visitarnos en nuestro puesto (#612) a la conferencia PDAC entre 3-6 marzo al Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The Latest Development Updates: we are excited to announce the general availability of GeoMine-GSM, a suite of GeoMine modules for Gridded Seam Modeling, Optimization and Design. In addition to the existing 3D Block Modeling, Optimization and Design modules in ThreeDify GeoMine, the newly introduced GSM modules are specifically tailored for stratigraphic deposits such as coal seams, thin phosphate or limestone deposits whose XY extent is considerably larger than the Z-extent (which imposes challenges to conventional 3D block modeling). With the introduction of the GSM modules, ThreeDify GeoMine can now be used to efficiently model, optimize and design virtually any types of deposits.

Mining Software Review: once again, International Mining Magazine published its annual mining software review article at its February 2019 Edition. In the article “Software at mining’s leading edge”, Editor Paul Moore spoke to the main mining software players about where software fits into digitisation and optimisation, plus how it is enabling the reality of a mining factory. To know more about the future trends of mining software, please click DOWNLOAD.

If you are interested in knowing more about our latest product releases and feature enhancements, or seeing our products in action, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to schedule a live demo for you.