Optimizador ultra rápido de explotaciones a cielo abierto

GeoMine FlowPit (FlowPit), es un optimizador ultra rápido de explotaciones a cielo abierto. Está basado en el algoritmo estándar Lerchs-Grossmann en 3D para optimización de minas a cielo abierto, implementado de un forma novedosa. FlowPit es capaz de manejar modelos de bloques de magnitudes considerables de hasta 100 millones de bloques sin el uso del súper bloqueo. Este avance en velocidad computacional con una optimización garantizada, hace de FlowPit una herramienta eficaz para los planificadores de mina cuando necesitan respuestas rápidas y confiables ante preguntas del tipo, ¿Qué pasa si?

Beneficios de FlowPit

Lista de Características de FlowPit

Different types of nested pits can be generated to create life-of-mine schedules (with iScheduler) that either maximize NPV or meeting the production rates   

allows the user to detect and correct potential errors in the input block model before optimisation starts.

allows maximum flexibility in report generation without custom scripting.

GeoMine-FlowPit is capable of processing 100mil blocks.

Property lines that must not be crossed can be specified as a 2D polygon or a 3D mesh to confine the optimization process.

Output to CSV format and DXF format

Exploiting parallelism on multi-core CPUs for ultimate performance.

Supports multi-minerals, stockpiling options, partial block calculations as well as unlimited user conditions or constraints. FlowPit’s Cell Scripting Engine opens a door to virtually infinite possibilities for mine planners that make a difference.

Slope angle can vary by rock types, by sectors and/or by levels.

Option to normalize and reblock input block model if needed.

Supports a large range of ASCII file formats exported by all General Mining Packages

Sensitivity analysis allows the user to see the impact of changes to any variable (price, costs) on the profitability of the project, as well as the impact of geological uncertainty.

Requisitos del sistema:

“…Our clients demand solid reliable results suitable for rolling out the budget forecast and the “what if’’ scenarios offered by most software solution providers do not live up to our expectations. However, ThreeDify software has given us the competitive edge in doing so…”
Sarel Blaauw
CEO, Tacmin Madini