Modelado Geológico y Estimación de Recursos

GeoMine GSM  es un modulo de la suite GeoMine para el modelamiento, Optimización, Diseño y Programación de depósitos tipo manto. El módulo GSM está hecho a la medida para depósitos tipo mantos de carbón, fosfatos o calizas por ejemplo donde su extensión horizontal es considerablemente mayor a la vertical, lo que impone desafíos al modelamiento de bloques 3D.

Beneficios de GSM

Lista de Características de GSM

Easily import and visualize 3D drillholes with geometric and histogram plots.

Creates Gridded Seam Models (GSMs) directly from drill holes, with support for faults and other geometric constraints.

Ability to repair and validate seams, and enforce correct seam sequences.

Options for both 3D compositing and compositing by seams.

Ability to create continuous and/or categorical attributes and assign them to GSMs.

Provides both 2D and 3D inverse distance interpolation methods.

The built-in Pit Optimizer determines the optimum pit limit and allows the user to incorporate any constraints using GeoMine’s unique Visual Formula Editor.

Creates surface roads on any existing mine topography.

Generates resource reports for GSMs and reserves reports for designed pits.

Creates mining activities and resources, and schedule them using the built-in Gantt Chart with an automatic resource levelling algorithm.

Requisitos del sistema: