Las últimas actualizaciones sobre desarrollo de software

GeoMine adds a new module: OptimCut

Figure 1: GeoMine Flowchart

2017-02-23-Ottawa: We are very pleased to announce that a new module, OptimCut, is being added to the GeoMine suite. OptimCut is a dynamic cut-off grade and production rate optimizer. Given a set of nested pits or a stope design, a user-defined dollar formula, OptimCut finds the N-best yearly cut-off grade and production rate policies, each of which maximises NPV over the life of the mine while respecting the precedence constraints using a Constrained Dynamic Programming algorithm based on the principle of optimality.

This new addition further strengthens GeoMine as a well-rounded integrated package that empowers our clients with the competitive edge to deliver higher efficiency and lower mining costs through cut-off grade, mine plan and design optimisations.

XLCoreBlock v4.8.3 features two significant enhancements

XLCoreBlock is a Microsoft Excel based drill hole visualizer and quick resource estimator. By leveraging the popularity and ease-of-use of Microsoft Excel, XLCoreBlock has significantly lowered the learning curve and total cost of ownership for mining knowledge workers. It has become the go-to tool for field geologists, mining executives, investment banks and property owners.  We are pleased to announce the availability of XLCoreBlock v4.8.3 featuring two significant enhancements:

  • Support for continuous and categorical attributes. With the new release, users can now import, visualize, and interpolate continuous and categorical attributes (in addition to assays and lithology), making XLCoreBlock a potent Excel-based QA/QC DDH validation tool.
  • Significant speed-up of its 3D Radial Basis Function (RBF) interpolator, the engine underpinning the implicit modelling module in XLCorBlock. With this speed up, XLCoreBlock is now capable of quickly estimating large block models within 64-bit Microsoft Excel.

 GeoMine is reviewed by International Mining Magazine in February, 2017 edition

Once again, International Mining Magazine published its annual Mining Software review article at its February 2017 Edition.  In the article “Virtual Sanity”, Editor Paul Moore looked at new products and upgrades offered by most of the major mining software vendors.  To read the article and know more about the future trends of mining software, please click DOWNLOAD.