Modelado Geológico y Estimación de Recursos

GeoMine Cavemizer (Cavemizer), es un optimizador para Block Caving (BC) y Sub-Level Caving (SLC). Cavemizer genera diseños optimales y formas minables con dilución interna y externa calculada.

Beneficios de Cavemizer

Lista de Características de Cavemizer

Determines the best footprint with Cavemizer’s Automatic Footprint Finder.

Creates and iterates your design with Cavemizer’s Parametric Cave Designer.

Defines your own caving stages, each with its own recovery and external dilutions.

Automatically generates cross-cuts from a cave design.

Reports mineable reserves for each caving stage.

Includes all GeoMine uCAD Modules, Please click the link for GeoMine uCAD Feature List.

Requisitos del sistema: