Excel CoreBlock 最新版本下载

Excel CoreBlock V4.8.0 is now available, December 16, 2016


  • Added support for continuous and categorical attributes: XLCoreBlock can now import, visualize and interpolate both continuous and categorical attributes.
  • 9x performance speed-up on the 3D RBF interpolation!
  • Replaced the existing fixed-length compositing algorithm with the same sophisticated, more accurate cut-off based compositing method as used in GeoModeler.

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下载 Excel Coreblock 32 bit v4.8.0:


下载 Excel Coreblock 64 bit v4.8.0:


Excel CoreBlock

Excel CoreBlock 是一款以微软Excel插件方式运行的、令人耳目一新的三维钻孔可视化工具。
Excel CoreBlock使地质工程师能够直接在他们的微软Excel工作表单里用生动的三维视频来有效地进行钻孔数据和地质品位演示和分析。